Explained Medical Billing vs Medical Coding

Many terms are often used interchangeably or clustered together, and it can be challenging to differentiate between them. The same is the case with medical billing and medical coding. You can check out the YouTube video Medical Billing vs. Medical coding to understand the key differences between the two.

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Medical coding is a detailed process of gathering data, verifying all patient services, and recording reports and analytics for the patient. The detailed reports are then broken down into steps and procedures, indicating each one clearly and carefully on an invoice. This process is used to help avoid misleading or wrong diagnoses and ensure full transparency. It also guides the insurance companies on how to reimburse the healthcare facilities.

Medical billing is a process that involves the processing of a patient’s medical claims to an insurance company or a government agency. The report is then sent to the appropriate agencies. Medical billing is often a step that comes after medical coding. It involves requesting payments from insurance companies based on the medical coding specifications. This stage handles corrections, disputes, or documentation necessary.

Although both processes are different, they are both necessary for the smooth running of medical facilities. .

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