Will Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Repair?

Getting homeowners insurance is beneficial to protect yourself financially against destruction and damage that may happen to your home internally or externally. This insurance covers theft and liability for harm to others. We find out if homeowners insurance covers HVAC repair.

Standard homeowner’s insurance will cover HVAC repair if the system has been damaged by something like a windstorm or fire, which is covered by the insurance.

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The replacement cost is coverage used to replace any broken or damaged units. The insurance company should be able to buy you a new unit.

However, if the HVAC unit has gotten damaged due to neglect, wear-and-tear, old age, or a misfiring of systems within it, the insurance company will not be liable to cover HVAC repair costs. Insurance policies will cover your entire home and its contents, but only if perils damage them that you are insured against.

If the issue with your HVAC system is maintenance related and requires expert inspection, that cost will come out of your pocket. Other perils covered by your homeowner’s insurance are such as burst pipes, lightning, theft, or power surges.

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