How are Surety and Bail Bonds Different?

Surety and bail bonds are unique products that offer different value and services. Bail bonds are used in criminal cases as an assurance the defendant shows up in court. Surety works as

Bail bonds are part of a legal agreement between the courts and the defendant. It allows them to be free until their case goes to trial.

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The bond cost is a fraction of the bail amount. The stipulation is that the defendant must show up to court. If the defendant does not attend court, the bail bond company must post the full bail amount.

Surety bonds work as an assurance that those who enter a contract abide by the terms. If the individual does not stick to the agreement, they will consequently pay damages. They are a civil agreement between two consenting parties. It serves as a way to uphold that both parties will fulfill their obligations. In the event that one party does not fulfill their obligations, the surety company is responsible for paying damages. They serve as an alternative to cash deposits.

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