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Your daughter was lucky. When the other driver ran the red light and turned into the front driver’s side of your daughter’s car the air bag deployed. As the other car continued across the front of your duaghter’s car it some how also managed to hit the passenger side door and deploy that airbag. When the out of control car finally came to a stop it was behind your daughter’s car. So far, in fact, that your daughter could not even determine what had happened. She was able to get out of the car and was trying to figure out what had occurred. An eye witness, after checking to see that your daughter was alright, explained the specifics of the accident and pointed to the other car that was a good distance off in the middle of the intersection.
Fortunately, your daughter was unharmed, but her car was totaled. The accident left her without a car. The fact that she still had two weeks left in her freshman year in college and that her college was 12 hours from home made things even more complicated. Her schedule of physical therapy appointments from a gymnastics injury, however, required that she have her own transportation. Luckily, the careless driver had a good car insurance policy and, even though it is expensive to get a rental car for a 19 year old, the other driver’s car insurance company paid for a rental car so that your daughter could finish out the semester and have the transportation that she needed.
Your neighbor was lucky as well. The late afternoon quick and freaky wind and hail storm that can through the neighborhood only lasted about 15 minutes. The near tornadic winds and the driving hail, however, damaged the glass blocks in the master bathroom window of your neighbors home.
Your neighbors also spend the months of October through April in the warm temperatures of Phoenix, and you and your wife watch over their house. You do a walk through about once a week, and you make sure that the driveway and sidewalks are scooped so that it does not look like the house is vacant. A few hours after the storm you were washing dishes at the kitchen sink and noticed that some kind of white trim was hanging from the neighbors glass block windows. Fortunately, you noticed the problem before dark and were able to get over to their home. Sure enough, some water had also made its way into the window and had started to drip down into the drywall. You were able to quickly clean up the moisture, and returned home to call your neighbor. The very next morning the neighbor’s insurance agent came over, assessed the damage, and was able to help schedule the repairs.
Insurance Can Provide Help Through Difficult Times
Protection against damage. Protection against injury. Protection against theft.
Whether you are looking for protection for your home, your recreational vehicle, or your automobile, insurance is likely the answer.
Insurance services administered through insurance agents help families and individuals prepare for the unexpected. From fires to tornadoes to car accidents, insurance agents can help their clients find the kind of policy that is best and the amount of coverage that is needed.
Consider some of these facts and figures about insurance agents, policies, and the coverage those policies provide:

  • Approximately one of every 215 insured homes has a property damage claim because of theft each year.
  • Approximately one of every 55 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year.
  • $3,350 was the average collision claim in the year 2015; the average comprehensive claim that same year was $1,671.
  • $3,493 was the average auto liability claim for property damage in the year 2015; the average auto liability claim for bodily injury that same year was $17,024.
  • Approximately one in 15 insured homes has a claim each year.
  • Approximately one in 30 insured homes has a property damage claim related to wind or hail each year.

Property owners know they cannot always rely on luck. With the help of qualified insurance agents, however, automobile and home owners create an insurance policy that will provide protection during the most unlikely events.

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