The Best One-Story Home Remodeling Ideas and Tips


We’re excited to bring you one-story home remodeling ideas that every homeowner should try. Yes, you can turn your home into a fabulous place to settle in after a long work day and enjoy winddown time with the family.

When you’re looking to spruce up your home, the options are far and wide. We’ve narrowed down a list of tips and ideas to help you get the most from your humble abode with amazing one-story home modeling ideas.

Checking With Your Insurance

First things first, checking with your insurance can be a helpful start, as there might be things covered for replacement after a set number of years. For instance, you might be able to get a new furnace, and your insurance may cover part of the expense while the current one is still under warranty or as part of the insurance benefits.

If you’re doing renovations and changing material types, then you should check with your insurance provider for any of these aspects that might impact what they cover and what they don’t. You also want to ensure that you comply with all the rules and regulations throughout the renovations. In addition to all these changes, safeguarding storage space while work is being completed at your home is relevant too. Finding registered contractors and incident cover for fire or natural damage due to weather are all additions you must provide before starting. Check if your local insurance might be able to help with these.

Sort Out the Budget

Before starting with any home reno, checking what you can afford to do is also significant to check off the list. What does your budget allow? Work on your renovation so that it aligns with your budget. You can DIY some stuff and save money, but for major changes, you’d need to bring in the help of industry professionals.

Making Timeless Investments

Timeless investments are some of the best investments you can ever make on your property. They are undertakings that last a long time and add tremendous value to your property if you wish to sell later. Home real estate is an ever-changing market as new trends are often sought after. But, if one thing remains consistent in real estate, it is those timeless investments.

Some excellent changes to make in your home includes installing solar roof shingles. You don’t have to live off the grid to enjoy reduced utility bills. Installing smart technology and more energy and water-saving appliances and systems are also going to benefit in the long run.

Other additions for timeless investments may include interior decorations that will stay on trend for a long time and won’t require you to keep purchasing new stuff after every few years. Think of clean furniture lines, focus on the fact that less is more with interiors, and that using neutral colors will forever be valid.

Finding the Right Professionals

When it comes to one-story home remodeling ideas, we cannot emphasize enough that using certified and proper contractors for the job will save you lots of money and stress. Sometimes people go with the cheapest contractor because they want to make their project work at a lower cost. This concept of saving is understandable, but it isn’t realistic. The saying that you get what you pay for is true and evident in renovations and construction. The right contractors are a much better option.

a few important things to look for in a home construction contractor include them being registered. A registered home construction contractor is mindful of his reputation, he has good morals, and wants to stay in business. Check the company’s credentials and see whether they are legit. Check their client reviews and look to see if they have a portfolio. These are often attributes of a proper professional there to get the job done and not to steal your money and waste your time.

Caring For Custom Homes

Caring for your custom home will help improve your one-story home modeling outcomes. For example, you’ve had a beautiful custom-design garden made for your place. The garden’s upkeep is imperative for it to continue looking great throughout time.

You may want to monitor newly renovated elements like plumbing and electrical. You can log home maintenance with a local company in your area to help you safely and accurately keep track of the well-being of your newly customized and remodeled home. Regular maintenance for upgrading your home may also include gutter cleaning, ensuring that no debris and dirt remain and clog the flow during heavy downpours.

Updating Your Electric Systems

More home story remodeling ideas include updating the electrics. Electrical contractors can help you achieve all your goals for the electrical work in your home. You can take this opportunity to install new energy-saving features in your home. For instance, you could replace all old bulbs with LED variations, install a smart thermostat, and install energy-saving HVAC systems. As mentioned, upgrading energy-saving equipment in your home is a fantastic investment.

Repairing Your Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property’s structure. Making certain that the roof is repaired where any damage might be present is vital. The roof repair contractors are able to install worn roof shingles and repair sealant issues. They can also help you install an entirely new roof for your home. Perhaps you want to invest in a different material from your current one; you can do so as you go about your home remodeling project. Roof repairs are well worth every dollar, and if you are installing an entirely new roof, then you can also get up to 60% ROI with time.

Other aspects of roof maintenance include ventilation inspections to ensure that condensation isn’t being trapped and later causes an unstable decking. While on the roof, a chimney sweep must also be conducted as part of the roof repairs and maintenance. Look for signs of animal intrusion because the roof is a cozy, safe space; it is obvious why animals may see shelter there. Still, they can wreak havoc by chewing electrical cords and risking fires, tampering with other structural features, and possibly causing structural and plumbing damage, and their waste might become biohazardous. ,/p>

Finishing Your Basement

Sometimes you’ll find yourself with a beautiful and spacious home with so much space, and you’re not doing much with it. The basement can frequently be neglected, and not having it checked can cause dampness if there is a leak. The basement also often becomes the go-to solace for storing clutter. Take the liberty of finishing your basement and using it as a more constructive space in your home. You can use it as an extra living space, office, man cave, day spa, and just about anything.

Basement waterproofing is important to ensure that it doesn’t leak or become a damp issue. Waterproofing your basement can help you easily utilize the extra space and in a safe environment. As a bonus, a functional basement is an attractive extra to have with a home, and when selling, a completed basement can increase the asking price of the sale.

Changing Air Filters

Air filters are highly critical in HVAC systems. If you leave the air filter to carry on doing its thing for months on end, you could start breathing in harmful microbes. In the air are many microorganisms, but not all of them are good for our health. If you have a respiratory condition, then leaving old air filters in will exacerbate the symptoms and condition of your chest.

Changing your air filters should be at the top of your one-story remodeling home ideas. Changing the air filters has various benefits, including the most obvious one, which is keeping the air clean. New filters can help improve how the HVAC system works as it becomes more efficient on all air temperatures selected. You’ll feel less stuffy if you suffer from seasonal allergies since the fresh filters are new and have a long way to go before they start playing up the allergy. A local HVAC service can help you change all the air filters of the HVAC systems in your home so you can enjoy the excellent advantages.

Evicting Potential Pests

You can rely on good pest control services to get help sorting unwanted pests. Pests can include termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, bedbugs, mice, and rats to name a few. The professional pest control company has tools and substances to either exterminate or repel the creatures.

Maintaining After Renovation

Another one of many one-story remodeling ideas includes maintaining your home after all the work is completed. What a beautiful and refreshed home you now have. It’s easy to forget about the maintenance that goes with remodeling a home. The upkeep will make certain that all aspects work well together, like keeping the pool clean and ready for a swim any day or making sure that the garden looks good by pruning flowers and mowing the lawn, to name a few. Hire a home maintenance service to help.

Improve Natural Lighting

Natural light has a pleasant ambiance about it, and when it floods through a living space, it tends to lift the mood, improving the way you feel. To get better light coming through, you should remodel the windows. Perhaps larger windows or sliding doors must be installed. Some people also use glass walls to complete their main living space.

Affordable DIY Changes to Your Home

Fortunately, one-story home remodeling ideas are not only for the pros. You can tackle some tremendous changes that will leave an impactful and meaningful change to your property. You can make all these changes without breaking the bank.

  • Get a new front door – The front door is a statement piece to a property and is the drumroll before entering the place. A beautiful front door can dramatically change the way your home looks from the outside, and it can add simplicity, grandeur, old-world charm, and just about anything you can afford it to contribute.
  • Install a new fence – Perhaps you want to make more impactful changes to your exteriors that will also add nice curb appeal. We recommend installing a new fence. Fences can be a bit more on the larger scale for costs, but, there is so much variety, you can simply choose what will best suit your pocket but still add value to your home.
  • Install a fire pit – Fire pits are great additions to enjoy the outdoors during colder months but still feel cozy and warm while entertaining.
  • Do some paint trims on the interiors – Painting the trims of walls and staircases can add a contemporary flair to your home space. You may look to join contrasting colors so they really pop.
  • Apply wallpaper – You don’t need to buy expensive paint to create a beautiful feature wall. Or use expensive paint techniques. Instead, get a beautiful wallpaper design and easily fix that to the walls of your choice. Wallpaper is one of the best and most affordable alternatives to painting.
  • Upgrade interior doors – Instead of having plain doors throughout your home, why not add doors that feature patterns and beautiful door handles? Going for a contemporary-looking door is a timeless option.

Use molding on the walls for dimension

Another one of our favorite one-story home modeling ideas is adding dimension to flat surfaces. Walls can look flat and boring, no matter the expensive paint you choose or the color. If you add dimensional line work using adhesive and wood strips, then you give these flat walls a chic and upmarket feel. They cost very little, and you can do it yourself. Finish it with a coat of paint, and you’ll immediately see the extraordinary change.

Are you still looking for one-story home remodeling ideas? Why not try some of these out at your place and start enjoying the new and improved place to call home.

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