The Best Hose Clamps/ T-Bolt VS. Worm-Drive

Extra large hose clamps are a great way to protect your hoses and even your plumbing when you’re in a tight pinch and need to wait for your plumber to arrive. However, the stainless steel clamps you use can differ, and it’s a good idea to know exactly what you need your stainless steel hose clamp for before you begin looking for the right one to use. There are two key types of extra large hose clamps to keep in mind: the T-Bolt and the Worm-Drive hose clips.

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There’s a lot of differences between these two styles of clamps. You can only tighten down Worm-Drive clamps to about 20 to 30 inch pounds. The exact same size on the T-Bolt has 80 inch pounds of torque, so you have a seamless seal.

A Worm-Drive clamp can cause some damage to the hose, too, because it clamps tighter on some spots than others. This can impact its ability to properly seal. T-Bolt clamps don’t leave any damage to the hose at all, though, and the hose will look brand new when the clamp is removed. It leaves a perfect, 360-degree seal completely all the way around for a proper seal. Almost all T-Bolt clamps are going to be ratchet drive only.


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