Simplify Your Insurance Options

Home insurance help

If you own a car, auto insurance is mandatory. Although not required by law, home insurance is required by mortgage lenders. And, as we all know, health insurance will soon be mandatory, too, which does not bode well for the 11 percent of Americans age 30 and younger who think they are too healthy to need insurance. (Ah, the false sense of immortality of youth.) Regardless, there are ways to simplify your insurance options, particularly if you combine auto and home insurance or auto and renters insurance with the same insurance carrier. Here are a few easy home insurance items to consider:

When shopping for insurance for home and auto, your insurance rates will vary according to the value of your home and car, of course, as well as your history and personal data (meaning number of accidents, vehicular offenses, credit history, age and location, and even your educational level). If, for example, you have hiccups in your credit or you have had a DWI, finding a low premium will be hard to do.

When you begin your easy home insurance search, the costs are also determined by the type and amount of coverage you are seeking. Do you have more than one car or structure on your property that you wish you insure? Are you seeking flood insurance? How much out of pocket costs do you want to pay (e.g., deductible) in the event of an accident or damage to your home? Another easy home insurance option (and a very important one) is personal liability; if an accident occurs on your property, how responsible do you want to be for the damage (to property or person)? All of these factors determine your monthly payments, and you have to ask yourself (and review your budget) to see what is realistic for you.

For many, another obvious and easy home insurance search option is to get quotes for multiple policies (auto, life, and home) from each carrier, and then compare the prices of several carriers. This is because many home insurance help advisers will tell you that your chances for getting lower premiums begin with having more than one type of insurance policy with a specific carrier.

Last but certainly not least, one of the most important easy home insurance guidelines is to do your research. Find out what is required in your state, and really find out what type of coverage you need (earthquake coverage is probably not necessary in New York State). Another easy home insurance pointer is to review online resources regarding the effectiveness of an insurance carrier (according to how difficult it is to file claims, get payouts, etc.) Your home is one of your most valuable assets; following these easy home insurance guidelines can help you protect it.

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