4 Surprising Reasons to Shop Around for Car Insurance Quotes

Updated: 3/16/2021

If you drive a car, you must have car insurance. If you are pulled over, you will have to provide proof that you have car insurance for your vehicle. For your automobile car insurance, you need to have at least as much as your state requires in car insurance coverage. The automobile insurance cost that you will pay changes from person to person and from car to car. Expensive cars will cost much more money to insure. If you are young and/or have a bad driving record, this will also result in a higher car insurance bill as well.

The basic insurance cost also differs from provider to provider. You may get some quotes that are expensive and some that are affordable. Each company has its own algorithm for how it calculates the cost of car insurance for its customers, and some of these may not favor you getting a good rate. To find the best 3rd party car insurance, you can go to a site that will give you quotes from multiple car insurance companies at once. This will allow you to compare the rates that you are offered and to make the best decision for your car insurance coverage.

It’s a new year, and for some drivers, it may be time to look at how to cut costs for 2016. If you feel that you’ve been paying too much for car insurance, then you may be right.

There are ways to get more affordable auto insurance this year. Just keep these four factors in mind.

1. Remember that car insurance is a necessity.

While there are a couple of states that make car insurance optional, it’s actually mandatory in most areas of the U.S. This not only protects you in the event that another driver hits your car, but it also helps you in the event that you cause an accident as well. Even your passengers can receive medical care in the event of an accident, and you’ll also have coverage to help pay for the damages, so you’re not stuck footing that whole bill out of pocket.

2. Different factors can affect your car insurance rates.

he average premium is about $797 per six months, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, but that amount can vary greatly depending upon where you live, how many drivers are in your household, or what your driving record looks like. Age is also a factor: drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 have the highest premiums on average. Speeding tickets can also increase rates, but you can lower them once again by taking a safe driving course or going to court to reduce the fine and penalty.

3. Bundle your policies.

If you have a need for more than one type of insurance, such as auto, home, renters, motorcycle or RV, or business or commercial insurance, then you might want to look into getting a discount for having multiple policies through the same company. For instance, if you need home and auto insurance, you could end up saving some money when you opt for getting both through the same insurer. This is helpful, as well, because you can get your insurance documents all in one place, and when you call for support, you can get answers for all of your policies rather than just one at a time.

4. Shop around for car insurance quotes.

It may sound like a hassle, but you may actually be able to find a better deal than what your current auto insurance company offers. If you feel you’ve been paying car insurance rates that are too high, it’s fairly easy to get a car insurance quotes online or directly through an insurance company. Online car insurance quotes typically don’t take too long to acquire, and the more of them you get, the better you can assess your costs and policy’s needs. If you have more direct questions, however, you may want to call an insurer to talk about your coverage options.

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