Why You Need Homeowners, Business, and Life Insurance Policy Plans

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Turn on the TV, and you’ll lose count of the number of car insurance advertisements you’ll see in the course of an hour. Unfortunately, not many of these commercials mention the other sorts of insurance you may need over the course of your life. Taking out homeowners insurance, workers compensation insurance, or life insurance policy plans can save you in your times of need and are just as important as car insurance.

Your home is a major investment. Sometimes, however, we can’t control what happens in the event of a natural disaster. In 2012 alone, the average flood claim on homeowners insurance policies in the United States was $34,000. Without insurance, a homeowner pays out of pocket for damage–and that’s a big chunk of your earnings. Although the average American homeowner spends 2% of their yearly income on homeowners insurance, it’s a small price to pay in case of damage. Up to 50% of uninsured homes in the United States are in high-risk areas for disasters. These can include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other disasters, in addition to other issues such as fires or break-ins. Purchasing home insurance is a great preventative measure to protect your investment and your family.

Other types of insurance that many Americans don’t think about are the variety of work-related insurance plans, including small business insurance, restaurant insurance, and workers compensation insurance–which can include permanent disability insurance. If you’re a business owner, protecting your business establishment is a wise choice. Just as homeowners insurance can protect your home from disasters and accidents, there are insurance policies that can protect your office, restaurant, store, or other business, too. Workers compensation insurance is also a necessity for those who get injured on the job, and this is a good policy for employers and employees to carry to help cover a percentage of any lost salaries due to accidents at work. In jobs such as construction or emergency response, many workers risk death or injury, including permanent disabilities. In 2012, approximately 4,383 people were killed on the job in just the United States. Protecting yourself as an employer and those who work for you is essential for any business owner.

Finally, life insurance policy plans are a necessity for anyone. Although it can be a morbid topic to discuss with family members, it is essential to plan for the event of unexpected death or a passing from illness. You want to make sure that your family members, including any dependents or a spouse, will incur as few costs as possible due to the death of a loved one. Life insurance policy plans will also cover some or all funeral expenses as well in order to aid your family in the grieving process. You can take out a life insurance policy on yourself and on family members, so this way you will have as little to worry about as possible under such circumstances.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to deal with the high costs of repairing your home or business after a natural disaster without an insurance policy. Also, protect yourself, your loved ones, and your employees with various business and life insurance policy plans. While it can be difficult to imagine ourselves in dire situations, it can happen, so don’t gamble with your future and get a quote for an insurance policy today. For more, read this link.

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