Why Canada’s Health Care System Could Be the Best

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Health care is often the subject of great debate around the world. In many countries, there is not enough care for ailing patients, and in other countries, it is simply unaffordable. But in Canada, citizens are treated to a comprehensive, publicly-funded health care system that covers several different medical needs. This is a result of a Canada Health Act of 1984, which requires each province to adhere to certain conditions and criteria for their territorial health insurance programs in order to receive federal funds.

These provisions are what help cover surgery, doctor’s office visits, clinical needs, psychotherapy, dental surgery, and also lab work. Because the health care system in Canada stresses prevention and early detection, this industry saves money on overall costs, and helps raise the life expectancy and quality of life for its citizens. Additionally, Canadians are encouraged to get yearly check ups to keep their health in good order. It is no surprise then, that 91% of Canadians prefer their own health care system to the American one, according to a Strategic Counsel survey.

But even with this type of coverage, many Canadians still seek additional coverage for procedures and treatments that may not be fully subsidized by the public health care system, or a traditional insurance plan. Many businesses offer employee benefits and services, such as group health plans that help cover the cost of any additional medical needs. One of the health benefit plans offered by several companies is a Health Spending Account. An HSA provides reimbursements for health care expenses that are not funded by a regular insurance plan.

Another popular employee benefit plan helps businesses save money, and gives employees extra medical funds as well. It involves separating life and disability premiums from employee health premiums. After subtracting the new administration cost from the current year’s health benefit premium dollars, a company then decides which funded high-deductible insurance they want. The remaining funds are transferred straight to employee health benefit accounts. This money can then be used to cover medical expenses.

Even though Canadians are fully covered for most common medical maladies, employee benefits and services that businesses offer their workers can be a great security blanket incase more complex medical needs arise. Either way, Canadians have access to quality medical care in ways that many people around the globe do not. If you are Canadian, that is something to be grateful for. References: www.cehbp.com

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