Three of the Most Bizarre Eating Contests From Around the Contest

America hole in one

Oddly enough, one of America’s favorite pastimes is watching eating contests. Though these competitions usually draw just a couple dozen of participants, they draw massive amounts of spectators, attention, and excitement. For the brave few who do step up to the challenge, they have the chance to win an amazing prize.

However, these eating competitions can be made even better with contest insurance. Take a hot dog eating contest, for example. If the winner beats the competition by a dozen, then they can win an additional $5,000. If the tournament took out contest insurance, then the organizers wouldn’t have to pay a single cent of that extra prize. The contest insurance company would.

That being said, here are a few of the strangest eating competitions from around the country, and how they can be improved with contest insurance!

Jalapeño Eating Championship.

Many competitive eating enthusiasts consider the “Feel the Heat” Jalapeño Eating Championship Challenge to be one of the most grueling competitions across the United States. It invites the greatest speed eaters in the entire world to chow down as many jalapeños as they physically can in the span of 10 minutes. In 2010, the winner got down 275 of the blazing snacks, and won $6,000! Of course, if they’d had contest insurance, they could’ve offered a nice round $10,000 if the winner got 300 down.

Cheese Curd Festival.

Wisconsin, known as the cheese state, would naturally hold a celebration for its love of cheese curds. The Cheese Curd Festival holds various different activities, and culminates in the cheese curd eating contest. The winner of each age category receives $10, a trophy, and–best of all–bragging rights.

World Slugburger Eating Championship.

No, a slugburger isn’t a burger made of slugs. It’s actually much more delicious–and heart stopping. A slugburger is made by mixing breading and beef, which is then deep-fried rather than grilled and garnished mustard, pickles, and onions. The winner of 2012’s contest ate a whopping 30 slugburgers in just 10 minutes, winning $3,000! If they’d taken out contest insurance, then perhaps they could’ve offered more cash if the participants had had some jalapeños on it, perhaps.

Hole in one contests are the most common type of competition to use contest insurance, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as hole in one insurance. Like these other contests, it allows hole in one competitions to offer a more fabulous golf prize to build up excitement and attract more participation. However, just because contest insurance is most popular for golf doesn’t mean that other competitions can’t use it to offer better prizes!

If you have any questions about how to purchase a contest insurance policy for an upcoming competition, feel free to ask in the comments! To learn more, read this:

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