Protecting Your Investment With Farmers Insurance

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Horse owners have a very special bond to their horses. Running a horse farm or a riding stable takes a real commitment and love for horses. As with other farms, you can never take a day off. And like other kinds of business insurance, horse owners need to insure their property for both liability and damage, in order to protect their business and their investment. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies to fit different needs, from individual owners to riding stables and horse farms. Equine insurance can also cover medical costs which run high.

Equine and farm insurance policies
Owning or managing a horse farm or riding stables is a labor of love. Horse owners and trainers put all their effort into caring for their animals, property and buildings. A sound farmers insurance policy can back up all this care and effort, insuring horses, barns, machinery, tack and other equipment. Insurance policies can also cover liability from operations such as boarding, breeding, training, racing and horse shows, and riding instruction.
Insurance policies can also cover medical costs, which can be prohibitive. Insurance can help ensure that your horses get any medical treatment they need, giving them the best care possible. Equine and farm insurance policies can be customized for specific needs.

What does equine insurance cover?
Equine insurance covers all the risks associated with horse ownership, including injury and death, theft, medical costs etc. These include full mortality and theft, major medical costs, loss of use and stallion infertility due to accidents or illness. Horses are a valuable investment, and like any other investment, they should be covered by insurance.
Many companies offer special insurance rates for damage and liability for equine facilities, like any other kind of business insurance. Home insurance typically does not cover farm premises and equipment. A horse farm insurance policy can cover both personal and commercial liability as well as coverage for farm property like machinery, tack, hay and grain supplies.

Running a horse farm or a riding stables is a challenging business. Like any other business, all the hard work it entails should be backed up with business insurance that provides coverage for damages and liability. Many equine insurance policies also cover medical costs, ensuring that your horses will get the care they need when necessary.

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