Filing a Water Damage Claim

Water damage in a home or business is never a good thing. It can range from a mild annoyance like a tub or toilet overflowing to something devastating like floodwaters rising two feet inside the home. As highlighted in this YouTube video, one thing all water intrusion issues have is that if they cause enough damage, a water damage insurance claim will need to be filed. This can be a very tricky and precarious proposition.

There is a lot of red tape and paperwork involved and everything has to be done just right, otherwise, you will either have your claim denied or you will get far less in payment than you actually deserve.

Video Source

This is why it is critical to understand the process and what needs to be done when filing a water damage insurance claim.

The smallest thing and a seemingly innocent statement or omissions can have untold repercussions for your insurance claim. This is why it is often a good idea to find a professional who is experienced with these kinds of water damage insurance claims. They can help you with the entire process, from start to finish!

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